Hormonal Changes

Hormones can play a big part in hair loss and can have a dramatic impact on our lives.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), is a sex steroid and an androgen hormone that plays a great role in hair loss.

DHT is the main contributing factor in male pattern baldness where female hair loss can be very complex and DHT could be just one of the possible causes. In women DHT is influenced by a decrease in estrogen and hair loss tends to result in thinning and not complete balding.

Other Factors of hormonal hair loss in women can be;

Birth Control Pills containing chemicals (progestins) that acts like male hormones, this shrinks and damages hair follicle.

Thyroids, Severe and prolonged hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can cause loss of hair

Nutrient Efficiencies can result in hair loss, such as low levels of certain nutrients such as Vitamin A, E and iron.

Androgenic Alopecia hair loss, when androgen levels are not too high, is an indicator of inflammation, which can result in hair loss.

At Hergroei our main ingredients we use in Rebalance Hair Regrowth Serum is Stinging Nettle Roots. We found that the properties in Stinging Nettle Roots is a excellent DHT blocker.

All information provided is based of our investigation & research, We are not doctors or claim to be one. Always seek medical advice, if you have any further concerns.