Postpartum Hair Loss

Don't worry hair loss after pregnancy is completely normal!

Blame the hormones! they are rebalancing back to normal.

Postpartum hair loss is often referred to as the “after pain of labour”.

Not every woman experiences postpartum hair loss, but for those who do, it can be a truly shocking experience.

As a mother of two who has experienced postpartum hair loss, I am here to tell hair loss after birth is completely normal. Most women experience thinning around the hair line and hair feeling lifeless! This process can be gradual or for some hair can fall out in clumps, either way it is a frightening experience.

It is temporary and can last until your baby is 12 months of age sometimes even a bit longer.

In some cases, hair loss can be a result of an underlying medical condition. If you have any concerns about postpartum hair loss, please do seek medical advice by speaking to a professional.


Pregnancy can be different for every individual but most women do experience amazing, healthier, thicker and more revitalised shiny hair.

This is because estrogen levels are at a high, which prolongs the stage where hair grows for a longer period of time. It is referred to the "Resting Stage" meaning that fewer hair strands will actually fall out each day. After babies are born, the hair remains in the "Resting Stage" for 1-3 months.

Typically, after 3 months estrogen levels take a dive and hair starts falling out, this is known as the "Telegon" phase.

Panic kicks in, when all the extra hair starts falling out, making some women feel anxious to even wash or brush hair as hair is everywhere.

This does not take away from the fact that losing hair after giving birth can be a stressful and depressing time especially when you are trying to take care of a new baby/babies.

At Hergroei we have formulated  Rebalancing Hair Regrowth Serum that will promote hair growth at a much faster rate and will help reduce the shedding whilst leaving the hair and scalp in excellent condition.

Every person is different and will have different experiences when going through Postpartum Hair loss.

All information provided is based of our investigation & research, We are not doctors or claim to be one. Always seek medical advice, if you have any further concerns.