Sleep Cap Protection

*Available for PRE ORDER only* Sleep Cap Protection when used with Rebalancing hair regrowth serum treatment will saturate the hair and help prevent the hair from friction and breakages against your pillow. It protects the emerging hair while you sleep.

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To be used after using Rebalancing Hair Regrowth Serum. 

Apply Rebalancing Hair Regrowth Serum on scalp and massage for 5-10 minutes to stimulate blood circulation, place the Sleep Cap Protection ensuring all hair is in the cap and wait for the magic to start transforming your hair while you sleep with the hair serum treatment. 

Key Benefits:

Healthier hair:  It will protect your hair from dryness caused by friction, helps reduce breakages, tangles and thinning.

Better looking hair:  keep the hair shape and style without causing kinks and bumps. It also keeps hair from getting frizzy.

Hair treatments: Using Rebalancing Hair Regrowth Serum will help repair and protect your hair from damages. Covering your hair when you apply an overnight treatment will help ensure that the treatment completely saturates your hair. It also helps to keep serum from not transferring to your pillow, sheets, and face.

Hair growth & minimising hair loss: If your hair is growing back after postpartum, harsh chemical treatments or any other hair related issues, covering your hair with sleep cap protection will help keep your delicate manes in the best condition. A sleep cap protection prevents friction against your pillow and protects emerging hair as you sleep.

No shedding all over the bed: if you are shedding hair excessively, a sleep cap protection will help protect against hair loss caused by abrasion.

Product Info:

Elasticated headband 

Composed of outer layer soft satin

inside lining is PEVA

Hand wash only and do not tumble dry